Pinterest made me do it

I occasionally try out things from pinterest. Usually its a recipe or some small project, at least if it fails I can throw it out without too much pain. However, on this ill begotten move up to Oregon, I found I needed a dresser. My last apartment had a built in dresser which was amazing and I think more apartments should do that to save space. And if they do have it, advertise it because to be that would sway me one way or the other about which apartment to pick. Sorry, I digress. Searching for a dresser is hard. I didn’t want another piece of ikea pressed board furniture. On pinterest there are quite a few pictures of the pine dresser from ikea, which looked really nice. However, no tutorials on it and i’m sorry, but I need step by step instructions.
First question I had was, how did they get those corners so clean? In the process of painting mine, I didn’t figure out a full proof way to do it. Basically I just folded the corners of the painting tape until it was corner like. I don’t really like the color green I chose, so I if I do decide to repaint it and I find a way, I’ll update here. Secondly, stain first. The paint will cover the stain and the stain will just bleed on top of the paint. The stain will bleed anyways, but at least the paint will cover it up. And yes I taped up the portion I wanted to stain to minimize the places the pain would need to cover. I think it turn out all right. The knobs are from home depot.
unnamed (1)

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