Hot tea to iced tea….

Hot tea to iced tea….

It is with dismay that I realize that the time for hot tea is passed. Looking ahead, they’re reporting 100 degree days up here and I will not be turning on my kettle or stove or oven anytime soon. The microwave will heat up my food in the “safety” of its box.
I have tons of tea, realistically more like 10 varieties. I usually stick with sencha green or black tea that is sweetened with honey and either hot or cold (always add the honey while hot 😉 ). However, I do have some dessert teas that will have to be put aside until the cool nights return or autumn arrives, which ever comes first. My favorite dessert tea is Raspberry cream pie. Its so good, light and sweet. Its wonderful after a night out with friends or an after work treat. I’ve even made it at work, because I don’t want to wait to treat myself (and yes my job is that bad). Maybe I’ll take it to work, at 3 am its usually cool enough that I could enjoy it.
                                    (image via David’s Tea)
David’s Tea is based in Canada and I have no idea why I like them so much, it has to be the cute mugs. The fox mug is also from David’s. Currently, I’m lusting after this one….
                             (image via David’s Tea Tropical Leaves Glass)

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