More reading to do…

More reading to do…

By the end of May, I have finished reading Three Dark Crowns and finally slogged through the last fifty pages of The Magical Art of Tidying Up. I really don’t have to say very much about MATU. It is a book on organization and I didn’t take anything away from it.

Now the Three Dark Crowns….


(image via Amazon)

They were not all “fair to be seen,” her descriptions kind of led me to imagine one as sickly looking. This book is about three sisters who all have certain magical affinities, one to control the elements, one controls nature and one can withstand poison. The people have turned against two of the queens, seeing them as weak and very unlikely to win against the strongest queen, who controls the elements. I enjoyed this book very much. The story had a good pace to it, skipping between the three separate lives the sisters lead, and the writing flowed very smoothly (and note to self, I need to start giving examples because why should anyone take my word on it? ah well next time). There is also a twist, which is hard to see coming, but it takes the book to another level of entertaining. The next book is coming out in the Fall, which I am looking forward to.

Currently, I’m reading The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Very bad choice. It’s a good story line, but the depth of detail given to the architecture is exhausting to get through. Only a hundred more pages to get through.


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